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Libertyville Chiropractor Gives Gentle Care

Find a Better Life at Bennett Chiropractic Care

Libertyville Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Bennett

Dr. Thomas Bennett

You’ll find over 37 years of experience, training and expertise at Bennett Chiropractic Care. Libertyville chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Bennett provides advanced spinal correction using state-of-the-art techniques.

We’ll focus on locating and addressing the cause of your problems, not just alleviating your symptoms of pain. Chiropractic care will find locked-up areas in your spine and extremities causing your discomfort. We’ll improve your function and quality of life.

Gentle Instrument Adjustments

Dr. Bennett has extensive expertise in the use of Activator® Methods chiropractic technique. This instrument is precise, safe, comfortable and effective for all patients, even children and those with osteoporosis. No force by hand is used, and you won’t hear any cracking or popping. It takes just a few minutes and is painless.

We’ll further complement your adjustments by giving

  • Lifestyle advice. We’ll help you achieve a healthier lifestyle to give you the opportunity to achieve the life you choose, full of the activities that are important to you.
  • Corrective exercises. Individualized exercises help to balance and correct irregularities that may be causing your pain. Done in the comfort of your home, these exercises will help your body function better and reduce your pain.

A Convenient Experience

We’ll make sure you get the right chiropractic care for you, at the right time. Adjustments can help you prevent injury and flare-ups and are part of a wellness lifestyle. Our patient-centered approach is complemented by giving you the care you need promptly. Same-day appointments are available, even if you’re a walk-in new patient. We know you want to get in and out of the office quickly. Our convenient location and efficient service will allow you to do just that!

Are you ready to see a health care practitioner that will give you the attention you deserve? Contact our office today at (847) 680-9191 to schedule your time.

Providing Chiropractic Care for Libertyville, Mundelein & Vernon Hills