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See What Satisfied Patients Had to Say about Bennett Chiropractic Care


  • Very effective. due to back, and neck surgeries I have not felt comfortable with chiropractic adjustments. Dr Bennett’s technique seems to be helping.

    -D. Silver
  • I have always been very pleased with the care I have received in this office. I have been coming here for approximately 25 years.

    -B. Beutlich
  • The care in this office has changed how my body feels everyday. I feel more able and capable to do all the things I want to do.

    -C. Jarrett
  • I have gone to other chiropractors. I have received the quickest and best results from Dr. Bennett. My neck is greatly improved.

    -R. Diestercheft
  • I have been living with pain for a while. My prior chiropractor passed away years ago abd I wasn’t sure I’d be able to truly be pain- free again. So happy that I’d found Dr. Bennett by chance. He took my pain into a high level of consideration and was able to get me on a treatment plan right away. And the staff there is awesome! Thank you all!

    -David S.
  • Everyone has been so sweet and kind to me. Thank you for the flexibility due to my homeschooling schedule. Dr. Bennett is extremely knowledgeable and professional.

    -V. Aranda
  • I have been seeing Dr. Bennett for well over 10 years now. He has treated me for several different ailments over these many years including sciatica, rotator cuff and neck pain. Chiropractic care through Dr. Bennett is an assured way to stay well without the use of medication.

    -Katy B.
  • I am so glad I came in. I know I had tension in my upper back but didn’t understand the reason why. Had tried stretching and massage and it would help but never really went away.

    -M. Osmun
  • I’ve been seeing Dr. Bennett off and on for 30 years. He is the only one I trust to work on my back and it is because of the method he uses and the excellent results I receive.

    -Mary M.
  • My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Bennett since 1999. He is a humble man who knows his stuff. My husband and I are avid athletes and rely on the doctor’s expertise and abilities to ‘keep us going’! Whether it’s structural pain or internal bodily workings, Dr. Bennett has never disappointed us with his care.

    -Happy Patient
  • I started going to Dr Bennett in 2007. Since that time my “skeptical” husband and son has also gone to him. I can’t believe that I tried to “just deal” with my back pain for so many years, now I can go pain free! I find the method that Dr Bennett uses is amazing and works. I’m in and out quickly and the atmosphere is relaxing.

    -New Patient
  • What brought me here was a recommendation from a co-worker. What kept me coming back was the superb treatment from staff. Dr. Bennett even called after 1st treatment to see if I had questions or concerns.

    -H. Tatum
  • I went to Dr. Bennett limping in heel pain. Within a month, it was 98% better and I continue to get ‘adjusted’ monthly. Would recommend Dr. Bennett if you are in pain.

    -Mitch G.
  • I’m impressed with the results. It is hard to imagine that a few with the activator and a look at my leg length can lead to improvements, but it does.

    -J. Kemp
  • While being treated at Bennett Chiropractic care I have noticed a huge difference in such a short amount of time. The staff is very friendly and overall a very positive environment. I would definitely recommend someone to come here and get treated.

    -Nicole A.

I Am a Believer Now!

I had never had a chiropractic care before in my life. I came as a last resort and have found that I would not have suffered so much if I had done this earlier. I am a believer now!!
– Awilda I.

Friendly and Accommodating

I have complete confidence in Dr Bennett. He listens to my problems and is interested in helping me solving them. The staff is so friendly and accommodating and efficient. I’m very grateful to have found this caring place of healing.

Headaches Eliminated

I was a little skeptical and I don’t often go to the doctor. Seeing the improvements in my parents and husband, I needed to give it a try. My almost daily headaches are eliminated. We travel 2 hrs round-trip and my parents traveled 5 hrs round-trip 3 days a wk just to be in the care of Dr Bennett. Well worth it!
– K. Payne

Kind and Personable

Dr Bennett is amazing! I came in for some minor back pain concerns, but after seeing him, he’s also fixed my stomach pain and bloating I’d been suffering for half a year by 70%! I didn’t even know chiropractic care could take care of gastrointestinal issues! Moreover, Dr Bennett is so kind and personable – he explains EVERYTHING thoroughly as he’s doing adjustments in a way that really puts his patients at ease. Dr Bennett is basically the Bill NYE of chiropractic care!
– Lu D.

Dramatically Improved Health

Dr. Bennett has been wonderful. He listens to my problems/issues. He treats each problem and works to relieve my pain, which he has on me. He has given me sitting exercise suggestions which have helped accelerate my return to normal.
– J. Jacobson

Best in Town

Dr. Bennett is the best in this procedure. Driving 2 1/2 hours each way for a 10 min adjustment shows how much we think of Dr to do this 3 days a week.
– Jean B.

Helpful and Accommodating

I was very nervous my first day and in a great deal of pain. It’s been a slow process but I have made progress. Everyone at the office has been so very helpful and accommodating.
– Mary R.

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