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Bennett Chiropractic Care Reviews

woman-holding-heart-sq-300What Our Libertyville Patients Say

At Bennett Chiropractic Care we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Bennett Chiropractic Care care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.

  • Chiropractic care has been excellent in this office – I always linger after the adjustment.

    -Jan R.
  • I have enjoyed it! Everyone is super nice and helpful and I feel listened to.

    -Emma S.
  • Extremely happy with the service and kind people in the office.

    -Miguel F.
  • Very friendly in and out. Accommodating and my arms have not hurt at night in over a week. I still have numbness in fingers due to carpal tunnel.

    -Patrick P.
  • Very well organized, efficient, welcoming.

    -Monica K.
  • I am happy to see some improvement. The friendliness and professionalism is appreciated.

    -Roland C.
  • Nice. Helpful. Dr. Bennet and his team are very helpful and nice to me.

    -Rich D.
  • I am totally satisfied with the chiropractic care at Bennett Chiropractic Care.

    -Lucy F.
  • Very good. Series of rehab treatments after not having chiropractic for a year during COVID lockdown.

  • I like the people who work here. They make me feel welcome and the care I receive is always on par for improvement.

    -Betty D.
  • I am happy so far. Glad Dr. Bennett’s availability works with my normal employment schedule; was concerned continued in overcoming schedule conflicts during peak 50-60 hour weeks.

    -Suzanne P.
  • Always very good. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The doctor always explains what he’s doing and progress is good.

    -Margaret D.
  • Care has been oriented toward my needs and comfort. Doctor has been very sensitive to my needs and to my positive well-being.

    -Jeff H.
  • Awesome!

    -Paulette G.
  • Dr. Bennet is sincere and confident in what he is doing. Very gracious staff. I have a very positive experience in the competence of Dr. B.

    -Anelie A.
  • Very thorough and treats the areas that have been affected. After treatment I follow-up with ice and rest and that helps a lot.

    -Ron W.
  • It’s been very good and helpful!

    -Molly S.
  • Visits were easy with in and out. I was always advised what to expect.

    -Barbara P.
  • I got in to see Dr. Bennett same day. Felt better each time. Almost completely better. Maintenance works well to keep me healthy.

    -Carol W.
  • I’m able to schedule at the last minute and takes time to listen to chief complaints.

    -Arron A.

Lifetime of Chronic Back Issues

Super efficient operation and very targeted and minimally-‘invasive’ therapy with fast results. I have seen many chiropractors given a lifetime of chronic back issues. I came in with my back in the worst shape it’s been, and after three very fast but custom and thorough treatments, I am walking briskly and doing many activities of daily living. Great staff.

– Amy C.

Now I’m Feeling Really Good

I just walk-in, was tired, at my breaking point. I was not able to play with my grandkids. Totally new experience but now I feel really good. The doctor is very nice. Listened to my problem very nicely and help me to be cured. Thank you, doctor.

– Parul J.

I’m Happy with My Results

Happy with my results; my first experience with seeing and getting treatment with a chiropractor. Dr. Bennett put me at ease and took away my fear about getting adjusted. The staff is very nice.

– Lilian D.

Impressed and Grateful

When I first came for treatment I recall getting out of my car and walking with great difficulty. A patient walked out of the office and said “You’ve come to the right place.” She was right! I am impressed and grateful for the great care I have received.

– Pat R.

Dramatically Improved

I’m very grateful for the attentiveness of my care. My overall quality of life has dramatically improved as well.

– Anna L.

I Am a Believer Now!

Very impressed. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this but it has exceeded my expectations. Very happy!

– Nick S.


Brilliant! Much prefer this gizmo than to physical manipulation. Dr B is a magician and love the front desk staff, friendly, helpful and kind.

– Megan D.

Extremely Nice

Being new to chiropractic care I was worried, but everyone at Bennett Chiropractic Care is extremely nice, also Dr Bennett really explains the process well.

– Kelly K.


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