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New Patients at Bennett Chiropractic Care

We look forward to welcoming you to Bennett Chiropractic Care! When you schedule your appointment, you may complete our information form on this website before you arrive.

We keep our paperwork minimal, so if you choose to, you may also complete the form when you come in to the office. Please bring identification and your insurance card.

You may wear whatever you like for your appointment, and you will remain in your own clothing throughout—you will not be asked to disrobe or change into a gown.


Women in waiting room

Your First Visit

Our professional and friendly front desk staff will greet you by name, and you’ll be taken to a private room immediately, where we will gather a brief history of what brings you to our office. Then you’ll meet with Dr. Bennett, who will conduct a thorough consultation and a screening examination to determine if your condition is one chiropractic care may be able to help.

If it is, and you decide to proceed with the examination, our staff will explain your insurance benefits and the cost of the visit. Then Dr. Bennett will proceed with a full chiropractic examination, including range of motion and other assessments. He will explain his findings to you, along with a tailored plan of care. This comprehensive report will include any other pertinent information to help you arrive at an informed decision. He’ll also explain and demonstrate how the Activator® instrument works.

If you are ready to move forward with care, you will receive your first adjustment at this visit. Plan on being here from 45 minutes to an hour for this initial visit.

The Activator Difference

We offer Activator Methods exclusively, which means there is no twisting, cracking or popping with our care.

This precise and gentle technique includes a specific evaluation protocol that tells us when to adjust, where to adjust and when to stop—so you’ll never be over-adjusted.

What People Say

  • Visits were easy with in and out. I was always advised what to expect.
    -Barbara P.
  • I have enjoyed it! Everyone is super nice and helpful and I feel listened to.
    -Emma S.
  • Very thorough and treats the areas that have been affected. After treatment I follow-up with ice and rest and that helps a lot.
    -Ron W.

Start Today

We keep our prices extremely affordable, and we accept all major credit cards as well as Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


New Patients at Bennett Chiropractic Care | (847) 680-9191